Continuing busy

With fingerprints, DNA and ‘Contactpoint’ all keeping us pretty busy at the moment, our sporadic blogging continues.

Time for a quick yell of outrage about another issue close to our hearts, though. Regular readers will know that we’ve talked about the inquests into the deaths in custody of Adam Rickwood and Gareth Myatt before. In Adam’s case, the coroner recommended an urgent review of the use of restraint in the juvenile secure estate.

This is the government’s two-fingered response:

The rules governing the use of restraint techniques based on inflicting pain in privately-run children’s jails are to be widened to allow staff to use them to enforce everyday discipline, the Ministry of Justice confirmed yesterday.

…The use of restraint to secure compliance with staff instructions, such as getting a teenage boy to go to bed or clean his room, or as a punishment, has not been permitted in child jails until this change in the rules.

Don’t try this one at home. Punching children on the nose because they won’t obey instructions is called abuse, and the courts rightly take a very dim view of it.


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