Getting with the programme

For the past few years I’ve had emails at least twice a week inviting me to shell out £400+ for conferences with catchy titles like ‘Making it Happen For Everyone: The Valuing People Now Strategy One Year On’, or ‘Putting Families First: Delivering Effective Services Locally’. I wondered what would happen post-election to these companies that seemed to have found a nice little earner in the ‘Every Initiative Matters’ agenda.

All of a sudden, the conferences have austere titles such as ‘Road Asset Management’ and ‘Preventing Rent Arrears and Evictions’, with not a colon in sight. You have to admire this speedy adaptation to the zeitgeist.


4 Responses to Getting with the programme

  1. Chris Mills says:

    “Putting it very clearly: delivering effective posts every time”

  2. Nicola Jameson says:

    Very adaptive… I guess you could call it a form of evolution!

    Nicky Jameson

  3. Sometime you eat the bear and sometimes well….the bear eats you. Is there a possibility of having some coverage about this story, its a real one.

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