An unusually thought-provoking piece on eGov Monitor about government plans to intervene in ‘high-cost high-harm’ families:

It is unfair to single out the poor for intervention deeming their choices unacceptable. The parenting of much of our society produces materially successful yet unhappy adults. Some of the parenting decisions of all sections of society cause costs and social problems for everyone.


2 Responses to eDiscrimination

  1. Naughty Peach says:

    Thought provoking? The article to which you refer is barely literate and gives the impression of being written by a slightly (and only slightly) precocious 14 year old who’s failed to run his Social Studies homework through a spelling & grammar check.

    Can’t you find a better advocate?

  2. archrights says:

    No, it isn’t particularly well-written, but interesting to see, on what is almost invariably a nu-lab applause site, an article that points out the inherent discrimination in the govt’s predictive agenda. Does that mean that even the govt’s own supporters are growing queasy about the somewhat eugenic sub-text of targetting the poor?

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