Lost for words

Apparently we have to allow the government to use our data as they see fit, and accept that it may end up in a pub car park.:

Gordon Brown has made a frank admission that government cannot promise the safety of personal data entrusted by the public.

The Prime Minister was speaking hours after it emerged that a memory stick containing the passwords to a government website used submit online tax returns had been lost.

“It is important to recognise we cannot promise that every single item of information will always be safe because mistakes are made by human beings. Mistakes are made in the transportation, if you like in the communication, of information.”

He makes it sound as if we didn’t know that already and were the ones begging to have our data harvested.

Perhaps the ‘consent’ forms that children and parents sign when an eCAF is carried out should contain an extra question:

Where would you prefer us to lose your personal information?
(a) on a train
(b) at a disco
(c) via the post/courier service
(d) in a car park
(e) other

PS. I guess it’s appropriate that the Minister responsible for the Government Gateway is the same one who left confidential correspondence from his red box on a train.


2 Responses to Lost for words

  1. medicalprivacy says:

    You have to start to wonder if MPs are on a diferent planet from the rest of us. The vast majority of us on earth care about protecting our privacy, the privacy of our children and care about not having it lost.
    MPs seem to come from a planet that thinks privacy is not an option and securing what data they steal from people is an optional extra.
    Sonner or latter thse that are meant to do something to stop the state invading our private lifes will have to do something because if it all blows up on their faces, they can’t say they never knew.

  2. hope says:

    It all stinks, I think they want all this information on children in order
    to help access more children for their forced adoption targets
    the money the LA are racking is in the millions –

    yet very little money is in the pot to keep children within their family networks

    where is the childrens right to privacy up held apart from in the secret closed family courts – this is the place where it is used against families

    we can not trust this government with anything

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