More skeletons

It’s just endless:

The Ministry of Defence is launching a new inquiry after admitting to the loss of two more laptops containing unencrypted personal details. The additional losses came to light during the investigation of the theft earlier this year of a laptop containing 600,000 peoples’ personal details.

This takes the biscuit:

Departmental minister Parmjit Dhanda told MPs, “The official data on each of the laptops was not encrypted because none of the information was classified.” In an attempt to reassure MPs, he added, “Each laptop was password protected.”


One Response to More skeletons

  1. Carlotta says:

    And of course, it isn’t just state databases. Yesterday a friend of ours revealed that his god-daughter had hacked into the pupil database at her private school. She did the honorable thing though and deleted the lot!

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