One that got away

This item only made it as far as the Guardian’s News in Brief:

A survey of almost 1,000 primary schools found that 49% were backing up pupil data on to discs, memory sticks or tapes which were taken off the school premises, exposing the material to loss or theft. IT experts RM School Management Solutions, which carried out the survey, said that only 1% of respondents encrypted the data. A further 4% of schools were leaving sensitive and unprotected data at unsecured locations on the school premises.

For spine-chilling effect, one only has to look at this to get an idea of the depth of data collected on school pupils, and remember that there are around 350 school break-ins in each police area every year.


One Response to One that got away

  1. […] may remember that we blogged in December about schools taking unencrypted pupil data off school premises – a story covered on BBC R4’s ‘Learning Curve’ last […]

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