The LibDems have added their voice to the growing clamour for Contactpoint’s plug to be pulled:

The Liberal Democrats have called for a security review of the ContactPoint database, announced today, to be expanded to investigate whether the entire project is ‘fit for purpose’.

On Monday, the Liberal Democrats called for a review of the security of the controversial online database that will hold personal details of every child in the UK.

Commenting, Liberal Democrat Children, Schools and Families Spokesperson, Annette Brooke MP said:

“It is a shame that it has taken the disastrous loss of HMRC data to convince ministers to reconsider this vast database.

“The announced review of security should be expanded to ask whether ContactPoint will actually help to coordinate children services better rather than creating another expensive bureaucratic mess.

“The ease with which local government employees can access personal details of any child in the country is only one reason why this database simply isn’t fit for purpose.”

Don’t forget to join in the chorus here.

And in all the protest about Contactpoint, let’s hope that the other national database, eCAF, doesn’t quietly slip through. A national system containing the in-depth personal assessments of 50% of children is even more dangerous.


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