Meanwhile, in a parallel universe…

Proving the adage that there’s none so deaf as those who don’t want to listen, from yesterday in the Lords:

Baroness Morris of Bolton: My Lords, a basic right for a child is their right to privacy. Along with many influential voices, we have been critical of the Government’s determination to hold details, sometimes sensitive details, on every child in the country. We were told that the data would be safe in the Government’s hands but, in the light of yesterday’s announcement of the appalling loss of the child benefit details, how can parents and children have confidence in that? Is it not time for an urgent review of ContactPoint and would not the money be better spent on those children who are most in need?

Baroness Crawley: My Lords, in the context of the Question that was asked of me on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, one of the areas in which even critics say that we have not done badly at all as far as children are concerned is privacy and family life.


One Response to Meanwhile, in a parallel universe…

  1. astrid says:

    Baroness Crawley thereby proving that the urban myth about ostriches burying their heads in the sand is indeed, true…in reality it applies to labour whips;0)

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