Parents’ Privacy Guide

We have been vaguely promising for ages to produce a guide for parents about children’s privacy, and we’ve finally done it in conjunction with the ‘Erasing David’ team. It’s here (pdf)

And if you haven’t heard of ‘Erasing David’ yet: it’s a fascinating film that receives its cinema premiere on 29th April and makes its TV debut on More4 on May 4th. David Bond, the producer, decided to disappear for a month and challenged private detectives to track him down. On his travels, he discovered just how much information about us is ‘out there’.

Watch the film to see whether he succeeded in evading his pursuers… it’s a ripping yarn and even for those of us involved in it, the finished product still pushes the adrenaline levels up. More about it on the Erasing David website.

Quick update: there’s a nice article about ‘Erasing David’ in the Times today.


2 Responses to Parents’ Privacy Guide

  1. Glyn Wintle says:

    Fantastic job! 🙂 Very readable and informative.

  2. archrights says:

    Thankyou, Glyn – that’s really kind of you.

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