A chance to stop the roundabout?

Three years ago we blogged about the nightmare of Special Educational Needs provision, and that particular post still gets a lot of visits.

It seems that nothing has changed. Bill Tuckey, writing in today’s Independent, rolls out a string of examples of the frustrating struggle faced by families trying to get proper provision for their children:

I could go on ā€“ list them by the dozen, all within a mile or two of where I live, all struggling with unsympathetic teachers or incompetent professionals, penny-pinching local authorities or draining legal wrangles ā€“ a toxic morass in the middle of which their child sits, miserable, let down, or excluded.

If the endless round of reports and recommendations haven’t made a scrap of difference, perhaps it’s time that families took up cudgels together – and this is precisely what Bill Tuckey is suggesting. Together with three other parents, he has set up the website ‘Sensay’ to bring families together on the basis that:

‘SEN provision in Britain could be vastly improved if parents like us could speak with a united voice, to demand more expertise, money and political will be expended on behalf of our children.’

They really want to hear from families doing battle with the SEN system. If that’s you, go and help get the ball rolling – and pass the URL on to anyone else who might join the action.


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