DNA porkies

The press seems to be pretty underwhelmed so far by the government’s latest breeze-chatting on the subject of the National DNA Database. See Alan Travis in the Guardian, for example.

‘Number-of-the-week’ appears to be 23 – purportedly the number of serious crimes that would have gone undetected if innocent people were not on NDNAD, but quite how anyone arrived at this figure is not clear. Over the years, the government has repeatedly spouted all kinds of numbers in an attempt to justify its unlawful policy on DNA retention, but has then invariably gone all coy when asked to provide any shred of evidence for them.

Read Genewatch’s press release for a rebuttal of this latest exercise in plucking things out of the air – and it’s worth following the link to their evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee where you can see (from the Home Office’s own statistics) the effects of NDNAD on detection rates over the past 7 years: none whatsoever.


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