As we were saying the other day, the Home Office is doing everything possible to avoid complying with the Marper judgment. Today the Guardian reports:

More than 90,000 innocent people have been added to the national DNA database since a landmark human rights ruling that keeping indefinitely the profiles of unconvicted suspects was illegal, according to new figures

While the Telegraph points out that we’ve passed the 10% mark:

Police forces in England and Wales have taken the profiles of 5.5 million people, meaning the proportion of the population on the system has passed a tenth for the first time.


One Response to Marper-dodging

  1. […] Privacy, DNA, Government, Legislation, U.K. Leave a Comment  There is some good insights at archrights blog into the Marper judgement in the U.K., i.e. the decision to remove DNA of innocents from law […]

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