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To follow on from our blog yesterday, The Register has picked up on the unlawfulness of making indecent images of children.

It’s extraordinary that anyone can argue that these are not really ‘images’. As one of our legal advisers has just pointed out: if a Rapiscan operator beamed what he could see to Piccadilly Circus, nobody would dispute that they were seeing images. And if they displayed people’s genitals, can you imagine the police would say “oh, it’s OK – they aren’t really images”?

Update Ah, a friendly phone call from someone at Manchester Airport this afternoon to say that they have decided to obtain legal advice and in the meantime children won’t be using the scanner. Since we’re fortunate enough to have a fair number of experienced lawyers in ARCH, we’ve offered them our assistance.


4 Responses to About images

  1. Anon says:

    Obviously indecent images of children are completely immoral and illegal. No sane person would argue otherwise. I am not saying that using these scanners on children (or adults) is automatically a magic bullet solution to the terrorism problem-but if they are banned for use on children under 18, won’t it mean that younger children are used for suicide bombings? Children this young have already been used in this way in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  2. archrights says:

    Impossible to answer that one, and we’re not offering any opinions on the rightness or wrongness of the situation: we’ve concentrated simply on telling the airport the law as it is. It’s a matter for Parliament to consider whether or not it needs amendment.

  3. […] were met with this response from Action on Rights for Children on their blog (link here): As one of our legal advisers has just pointed out: if a Rapiscan operator beamed what he could […]

  4. A picture of little girl….It is definitely not acceptable. I am a father and they think of their children too.

    Can we exchange link with my blog. let me know comment me

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