Dusting off the files

It’s so long since we’ve had any Rapiscan problems that we had to dig around in our archives to respond to calls today about Manchester Airport’s decision to start using the ‘virtual strip search’ scanner in its Terminal 2.

Here is chapter and verse on the law relating to the creation of images of naked children. It boils down to this: don’t even think of it.


One Response to Dusting off the files

  1. terry fix says:

    Dear Madam
    Whilst I deplore any INDECENT images of humans, airport scanning for terrorist bombs is today’s reality and need to protect hundreds of innocent travellers, including children.

    I would suggest that the images produced by airport scanners are not INDECENT as envisaged by the legal act, and even if it was so argued, there MUST be exceptions to prevent terrorists using people as human bombs.

    I understand that these images are not retained, or utilised in any other way apart from identifying bomb implants.

    Therefore I am sorry I cannot support your views, and I would urge you to consider a stance of ‘common-sense’ – and at the very least offer counter proposals to protect the children right through to their travel destination and not just at the airport.

    yours Terry Fix

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