Horrifying, naive and flawed

Those adjectives don’t refer to UKBA, of course, but to their Human Provenance Project which is being chewed up and spat out in Science Magazine:

Scientists are greeting with surprise and dismay a project to use DNA and isotope analysis of tissue from asylum seekers to evaluate their nationality and help decide who can enter the United Kingdom. “Horrifying,” “naïve,” and “flawed” are among the adjectives geneticists and isotope specialists have used to describe the “Human Provenance pilot project,” launched quietly in mid-September by the U.K. Border Agency. Their consensus: The project is not scientifically valid–or even sensible.


One Response to Horrifying, naive and flawed

  1. A. H. O. Thabeth says:

    I created a petition to: “Stop the Border Agency’s DNA testing pilot because it is not scientifically valid.”

    Link to petition http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/BorderAgency-DNA/

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