Careful with those words

According to the Minister, the recent security problems haven’t halted Contactpoint – the project is merely having a ‘pause’ (pdf).

How could Ideal Government possibly be so cynical about it?

One Response to Careful with those words

  1. Charlie says:

    Early Day Motion
    EDM 1239


    Brooke, Annette

    That this House notes the announcement of another delay to the implementation of ContactPoint because of further concerns about the accuracy and security of the database; expresses concern over the safety implications of such a vast database containing potentially sensitive information in the light of security breaches in various Government departments; further expresses concern over the Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s recent report stating that the database is almost certainly illegal underhuman rights and data protection law; further notes continued concerns over the projected cost of ContactPoint; further notes the conclusion of the House of Lords Select Committee on the Merits of Statutory Instruments that the Government has not conclusively demonstrated that a universal database is a proportionate response to the problem being addressed; and therefore calls on the Government to scrap the database.

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