Reclaim Your DNA

There’s a brand new website to help anyone who wants to get their DNA off the National DNA Database and back under their own control. It will even help you write that crucial letter to the Chief Constable.

‘Reclaim Your DNA’ has been set up by Genewatch, assisted by No2ID and ORG, and supported by ARCH, Privacy International, BMH UK and Liberty.


3 Responses to Reclaim Your DNA

  1. […] under Bodily Privacy, DNA, Government, U.K. Leave a Comment  Thanks to a post from ARCH blog that give pointers onto how to reclaim your DNA. Are you one of the 800,000 innocent people who have […]

  2. Lasancmt says:

    Interested in this subject?

    Join the FaceBook group with the same name and debate

  3. fetty wap what happened to his eye

    Reclaim Your DNA | The ARCH Blog

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