The sound of Sorry

For anyone who missed the sound of bankers apologising to the Treasury Select Committee last week, Tonus Peregrinus has mashed up the edited highlights. Wonderful.

2 Responses to The sound of Sorry

  1. This is so amazing that we’ve come to this point in our society. How did things get so far out of wack with greed?

    It almost seems like a natural weeding out process by the powers of the universe to extract all these greedy fools who showed their true colors and the fact of how self serving and undeserving they are of the wealth they “had”.

    Could this be the age for the meek to finally inherit the earth?

    God I hope so!

  2. Well, here we are seven months down the line and everybody seems to be saying that everything is going to be OK. The big bonuses are back already and banks are making money out of “re-structuring”

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