Databases unravelling

It seems as if the ICS gaffe is well and truly blown:

The government’s electronic system for managing children’s social work is unfit for purpose, a local authority specialist has claimed.

Speaking at Capita Children’s Services annual conference last week, Donna Shkalla, head of management information for children, families and education at Kent County Council, claimed social workers find the Integrated Children’s System (ICS) unwieldy.

Apparently Kent is now going to conduct its own review of ICS.

Meanwhile, on the eCAF front:

The government looks likely to miss its deadline for implementing a national IT system for the Common Assessment Framework.

As for Contactpoint, we’ve heard a rumour that it may be delayed until next Autumn. Just as well because the whole ‘shielding’ business is turning into a dog’s dinner. The Register has had a couple of items recently on the continuing saga. If anyone would like to see the minutes of the meeting to which they refer, drop me an email: archrights (at)

Just to help things along, local authorities have been told they have to find ‘efficiencies’ next year – newspeak for budget cuts. Hmm, I wonder where they could economise?


One Response to Databases unravelling

  1. hope says:

    Maybe kent should be looking into why it allows its social workers to ignore mandatory policy on fgc family group conferencing ,prior to taking children in care …and why it does not place with or contact relatives first?

    I wonder what they could be up to……….?

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