Don’t look at us

Ed Balls pointed at Haringey again yesterday:

There is “clear evidence” mistakes were made “singly and collectively” in the Baby P case, according to Children’s Minister Ed Balls.

Shouldn’t he wait for the results of the inquiries, or is he tacitly acknowledging they’re more about damage limitation than substantive analysis? Perhaps it was yesterday’s Ofsted report pointing out the alarming extent of significant harm to children that prompted another round of “look over there!”

The government’s determination to press ahead with the detested Integrated Children’s System, in the teeth of social workers’ opposition, has already been aired – and this article is well worth the reading.

Today, the Independent is flagging up the massive hike in the costs of taking care proceedings to court.

…more than 600 fewer court applications were made by local authorities to take children into care in the past six months compared with the same period in 2007.

Lawyers blamed the 20 per cent drop on a 32-fold increase in the court fees charged for care proceedings imposed by the Government, which rose from £150 to £4,825 from 1 April.

In last Monday’s Panorama I pointed out that Haringey isn’t a single rotten apple in a barrel. In fact it’s the barrel itself that is falling apart. Government policy has had the effect of watering child protection down in its quest for ever more cost-cutting and data-sharing. Rather than asking Lord Laming to look at whether the Every Child Matters agenda is being put into practice, they should find the humility to examine whether that agenda was the right one to find needles in haystacks in the first place.


One Response to Don’t look at us

  1. hope says:

    The barrel has well and truely fallen apart at the seams

    children are being taken into care without relatives being made aware of problems and then made to jump through hoops in dodgy courts ,where they cannot possibly win…..whilst children remain in danger and are murdered ..whilst so-called professionals ignore their plight…

    Why are they the only profession that has to keep reminding themselves that they are professionals?
    Is it because they come lower than traffic wardens in many people eyes?

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