Thinking required

It’s profoundly worrying that some bloggers, believing the hogwash that the order preventing identification of ‘baby P’ is on wishy-washy, ‘human rights’ grounds, are insisting on publishing names and photographs of the baby’s mother and her boyfriend.

I’d recommend that they read this and pause to consider that there could well be important reasons why the order is in place for the time being.

Please, if anyone you know is considering joining these enthusiastic defenders of free speech, just tell them it’s a Very Bad idea that they may come to regret.


4 Responses to Thinking required

  1. cabalamat says:

    I’m not quite sure I follow your logic. In any case once the names are all over the Internet — and they were on the BBC’s website for almost a year until a few days ago — they can hardly be made secret again.

  2. archrights says:

    I didn’t realise they’d been on the BBC website – the order has been in place for months, so I’m not sure why they haven’t been done for contempt? I agree, though – once the names are widely known it’s impossible to stop.

  3. cabalamat says:

    once the names are widely known it’s impossible to stop

    Indeed. Laws aimed at keeping these things secret were made before the Internet got popular and are now obsolete.

  4. Je vais tout de suite ajouter votre flux RSS pour rester au courant des mises � jour.

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