Woman’s Hour

Woman’s Hour majored on Contactpoint today, with yours truly trying to correct some of the misinformation that is flying around. A shame that the new Under Secretary didn’t seem to realise that Contactpoint will contain a great deal more than a simple name and address, and I didn’t have the opportunity to correct that. Still, the item is first on the menu here.

Update: Several people have asked me what information will actually be on Contactpoint. There’s so much that I’ve put it here in a separate post


5 Responses to Woman’s Hour

  1. […] Source: Terri Dowty on the Action on Rights for Children Blog […]

  2. Carlotta says:

    Am I right in thinking that the Baroness was wrong to say that the school would not be recorded on the ContactPoint database?

  3. archrights says:

    You are, Carlotta. There was so much to deal with in a short time that I didn’t have the chance to pick that one up. Contactpoint will show: child’s name and address, d.o.b., education provider, doctor, health visitor, midwife, names and addresses of both parents, agencies working with a child/family, whether eCAF has been completed and whether there is social services involvement.

  4. […] will be on Contactpoint? Following on from yesterday’s post about Woman’s Hour, it seems like a good idea to list the information that will be on a child’s Contactpoint […]

  5. ukliberty says:

    I think you did the best you could with the time you were allowed!

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