Skewed priorities

Harry Fletcher talking about youth justice – or the lack of it – in Guardian Society:

Probation officers who once had caseloads of 30 and knew the individuals personally, now talk of 80, 100, or even more. The response of management to this crisis has been to increase the caseload limit and to advise staff to spend less time with less serious offenders. However time is made available to input endless data into computers to meet the demands for information and monitoring from the Ministry of Justice.


One Response to Skewed priorities

  1. timgdavies says:


    You might like to throw in a thought related to the above into the Substance Views project over here: which is looking at how to escape the form-filling monitoring and evaluation culture… partly through technical innovation – but also I think by moving the goal posts.

    And whilst I’m dropping in my first comment on the blog here – just wanted to say thanks for all the posts so far – really great to be kept up to date with some of the key issues on UK Children’s Rights…


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