The Contactpoint Card?

At a Labour conference fringe event, Home Office minister Meg Hillier told the audience that the age for ID Cards could possibly be lowered to 14. This is now being denied.

Who are we to believe? Meg Hillier?

on Monday, Ms Hillier said a ministerial working group was thinking about extending the scheme to younger children and discussing the move with universities and youth groups.

Or Meg Hillier?

In a statement released later, Ms Hillier said: “I have made it clear that we have no intention of changing the minimum age for ID cards to below 16.”

As Phil Booth says:

“Having failed to convince the unions, the airline industry or the public at large, the government is now seeking any soft targets it can.”

And there are few softer targets than children. Give it a few weeks, and ID Cards will suddenly become an essential tool in the increasingly ill-defined ‘child protection’ armoury.

Talking of Phil Booth, he was meant to speak at the aforementioned event but fell victim to screw-ups in the issue of security passes. As he said to the BBC:

“if this is how they are organising the ID for their own party conference, how the heck are they going to organise ID cards for 50 million people?”

It reads like an object lesson in creating hostages to fortune.


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