Audit trails

I’ve been meaning to flag up an interesting entry on Tony Collins’ blog a few weeks ago. He has been looking at papers FOI’d from Bolton Primary Care Trust about its trial of the NPfIT summary care records system and this bit about the amount of time needed for carrying out audit trails particularly caught my eye:

“[Name unknown] is having to put a lot of time into this task and, at the moment, we do not have all that many alerts coming in as the system is not being used to its full potential yet. [Name unknown] felt that the audit trail is ridiculous and asked how they hope to be able to manage it nationally…[Name unknown] informed the group that NHS Connecting for Health had envisaged that this task would take one day per week for each primary care trust which [name unknown] pointed out is still a great deal of time. At the moment it is taking [name unknown] around an hour to look at 10 alerts…”

The government places great emphasis on the power of the audit trail to deter corrupt access to NHS records, and also to Contactpoint. It would be useful to know just what resources and staff will be employed for the task. In the past we’ve mentioned several instances of data misuse, and this latest story from the Local Government Chronicle doesn’t inspire confidence:

A rapist who posed as a care worker to access council data to target vulnerable young girls has been jailed for eight years. Simeon Kellman (aged 42) worked for Greenwich LBC and used its computer system to identify teenagers who had just come out of foster care.


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