More on that ICS report…

…in The Register;
and again here;
e-Health Insider
and What PC.

3 Responses to More on that ICS report…

  1. Carlotta says:

    I have just received a copy of the York University Assessment of the ICS, along with a caveat about copyright. I wonder if York University are in a position to publish or whether they are tied into their contract with the DCSF?

  2. Ian Shaw says:

    I did not see this posting until today.

    The full report of the study is on the University of York site under my own name at

    Yes we are free to publish and a paper is due to appear in Br J of Social Work

  3. archrights says:

    Thanks, Ian. It’s good to see the problems with ICS are at last getting the airing they need. It would be nice to think that the Laming review will suggest starting again, but this time beginning with social workers’ views on what is actually needed!

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