Toilet Lock-Down

I was doing an interview yesterday on the use of CCTV in schools, and had a fascinating discussion with the programme researchers. Apparently one school they visited (a state-of the-art academy) is so awash with new technology that they can lock every door in the building at the touch of a button, instantly transforming classrooms into communal cells and preventing anyone escaping out of the front door. They routinely lock the toilets during lesson-times – visits to the toilet are only allowed during break times. It seems it’s not only the Freedom of Information Act that has passed schools by. Human Rights, anyone? Hands up if you’ve ever heard of them.


7 Responses to Toilet Lock-Down

  1. Carlotta says:

    Schools/prisons…it’s becoming harder and harder to spot the difference. Given that we treat unwilling school children as if they are prisoners, it’s not too surprising when they actually become them.

  2. archrights says:

    Extraordinary, isn’t it. Why on earth do they need a lock-down facility in a school? Do the inmates on E-wing regularly kick off or something?

  3. Peter Darby says:

    Dammit, I HAVE to write this article about The Lucifer Effect and schools, and sooner rather than Later…

  4. Catherine Mills says:

    This is preparing the children for the future they have in mind.

    Total control prison state.

  5. Catherine Mills says:

    The Lock Downs have been planned for years, even in USA.

    It is just a matter of time- total control- and so easy as we are conditioned like sheep.

    So lock down, round them all up and make selections.

    It has been done before by Hitler etc.

    So it is so easy.

  6. You could do with options to share articles via Facebook, Google, Twitter etc Those options are available on WordPress, so is the option to be able to print an article.

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