Still here…

…Though our prolonged silence might have made you think otherwise. It’s been one of those intensely busy periods with no spare blogging time at all.

I did notice recently that an opinion poll carried out for the Information Commissioner’s Office found:

three-quarters of us were more worried than ever over access to personal data. And 70% said they felt powerless over how organisations kept an eye on data.

The survey comes after the government lost computer discs containing the entire child benefit database.

From the look of the other news around, people’s worries are entirely justified. There was this:

Documents containing payroll information relating to 182 NHS staff members have been have been found dumped in a street…The documents had been in the care of company Capita when they were lost.

They contained information, including addresses, bank account and National Insurance details, from five trusts in Leicestershire and Northamptonshire.

And this from the Liverpool Daily Post:

an investigation by the Daily Post, using the Freedom of Information Act, has revealed the loss of 230 records by health staff in the region.

More than half of the trusts which replied to a request for information confirmed they had lost data. It is also revealed that the largest data loss – 100 records held on a “memory stick” by Liverpool Primary Care Trust, was not reported to the patients involved.

Even the prison service is doing its bit:

Prison Service and IT staff are trying to correct errors in the networked Local Inmate Database System [Lids] – which holds records on more than 80,000 prisoners – after the Service’s IT supplier EDS discovered that thousands of records contained incorrect information or data was incomplete or missing.

Yet more symptoms of what the Joint Committee on Human Rights describes as:

“The Government’s failure to take safeguards sufficiently seriously”


“insufficient respect in the public sector for the right to respect for personal data.”


One Response to Still here…

  1. Lady Portia says:

    Liverpool is notorious for not handing over data under freedom of info.

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