Here we go again

From the BBC:

A laptop containing the medical records of more than 5,000 patients has been stolen from a Black Country hospital.

One Response to Here we go again

  1. Carlotta says:

    Ergh. I was rather alarmed by a generally confusing situation re my own family’s medical records. I had previously asked that our details be not uploaded onto the Spine. On checking recently, I was told by my GP that the surgery hadn’t uploaded info onto the Spine yet anyhow.

    Within a couple of days, we had to go to A and E with DS, travelling 40 miles round trip for a very minor injury, (splinter under nail…for which, incidentally, I was apparently under suspicion….did injury happen in a public space etc…oh HONESTLY…is shoving a tiny but awkward shard of fibreglass under the little fingernail of a 10 year old a classic manifestation of Munchausen’s, I ASK you!) . Anyhow this splinter apparently couldn’t be removed by a GP or even the “minor injuries unit” nearby.

    When we got to A and E, it emerged that not only had the surgery uploaded their patient’s details onto the Spine, but that this also included my own details. It then emerged that whilst my details were on the Spine, the children’s actually weren’t. It took quite a time to sort this mess out. It certainly didn’t appear to save anyone’s time.

    REALLY. I would have FAR preferred to be able to get access to a simple ring block and a pair of splinter nail forceps within a 10 mile radius, than faff around with useless computer systems, miles and miles away and queue for substantial lengths of time in an A and E unit, probably catching goodness knows what.

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