Bring on the crash-test dummies

From The People this morning, some choice quotes from a leaked Home Office document that reveals the intention to come for the young people first:

The secret document from the Identity and Passport Service is headed: “Options analysis – outcome.”

It says: “Various forms of coercion, such as designation of the application process for identity documents issued by UK ministers (eg passports) are an option to stimulate applications in a manageable way.

“There are advantages to designation of documents associated with particular target groups, eg young people who may be applying for their first driving licence.” The report says “universal compulsion should not be used unless absolutely necessary” because of the ID controversy.

In other words: “who’s going to care if it’s only a bunch of kids?”

How very similar to ‘Connexions’ – the information-sharing scheme for 13-19s that was actually a trial run for the entire Transformational Government agenda. Back in 2002, we managed to get a brief flurry of press interest, and then nobody wanted to know. It was another 5 years before the public began to smell the coffee.

Maybe this time around the public will realise that, even if they subscribe to the tired old prejudices and cliches, there’s at least some self-interest in defending young people’s interests.


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