Hush, go back to sleep

In case you’re wondering what ‘Project Stork’ is all about, here’s a comforting bedtime story from the UK Identity and Passport Service:

Project Stork is a research project involving 14 countries looking at each other’s technical standards for delivery of online Government services, with a view to making it easier for citizens and businesses to access such “e-services” cross-border in future.

Project Stork is not about ID cards, it has nothing to do with the National Identity Scheme or providing personal data from the National Identity Register.

The EU has a different version:

An ambitious pilot project to test the compatibility of several different electronic ID systems is to be undertaken in the UK. The pilot, worth over €20 million, is part of the EU’s eID STORK project which aims to establish EU-wide interoperability for eIDs by 2010.

Read more on UK Liberty


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