Hot air

Former Home Office Minister Fiona McTaggart has this to say on prostitution:

The way in which prostitution is tackled now and has been through most of history is by targeting the women selling sex. It doesn’t work. Prostitution exists because of the demand from men. Making paying for sex illegal will begin to tackle the demand.

Quite extraordinary, then, that throughout her stay at the Home Office, it stolidly refused to remove criminal liability from children who become involved in prostitution.

Her CiF piece also fails to mention that one of the main routes into prostitution is through being one of the 100,000 children who run away from home each year – and still there are only 10 emergency beds for young runaways in the whole of the UK.

Talk certainly is cheap.


One Response to Hot air

  1. […] only took 20 years Following on from our last mention of the subject, the government is at last promising to do something about young runaways: Changes […]

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