So far this week…


The details of three million candidates for the driving theory test have gone missing, Ruth Kelly has told MPs.


The personal details of 6,500 customers belonging to a pension firm have been lost at an office of HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) in Cardiff.

When interviewed on Newsnight, Ruth Kelly even managed to mention Victoria Climbie. It’s becoming rather like a contemptible version of Fainites.


5 Responses to So far this week…

  1. petedarby says:

    I missed Ruth Kelly (who seems to be turning into an unholy combination of Harold Wilson and Les Dawson as she ages)… is she still claiming the protection of the Climbie affair to justify endangering the entire population?

  2. archrights says:

    Oh, yes! She gave a garbled string of all the excuses ever heard for “why we need big databases” including Victoria Climbie. I confess it upsets me a great deal to see that poor child cheapened into a poster girl for contactpoint etc. I reckon she was abused quite enough when she was alive.

  3. hope says:

    I was gobsmacked that Ruth Kelly could come out with such
    rubbish… if newsnight only had the full story before hand!

  4. davehill says:

    On the same day on Five Live Ruth Kelly said that the public would be rightly outraged if we didn’t have “information sharing” with regard to child protection. A less direct invoking of Climbie to cover herself re. the latest embarrassment.

  5. archrights says:

    I’m sure the public *would* be outraged, and so would I! Just as well that information-sharing has been accepted practice in child protection for donkeys years. I bet she didn’t mention that it has nothing to do with Contactpoint, eCAF, ICS or any other database.

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