More shroud-waving

The Association of Directors of Children’s Services don’t appear to have read the government’s FAQs on Contactpoint. In a letter to the Guardian today they assert:

The critical need for ContactPoint is to ensure we can be absolutely confident about the identification of vulnerable children and young people – this was a fundamental failing which contributed to the Victoria Climbié tragedy. ContactPoint is essentially a coordination system, which will help us all to work together to avoid tragedies of this kind.

And once more, here’s that government FAQ:

Is ContactPoint all about child protection?

No, ContactPoint is principally about supporting early intervention for the 30-50% of children who at some point in their lives need additional services to ensure they achieve good outcomes. But it will also aid communication about children identified as being at risk of significant harm.

NB: It does not say that it will be of any use in actually identifying them.


One Response to More shroud-waving

  1. petedarby says:

    Of course, that’s the job of eCAF… putting badly thought out diagnostic tools in the hands of people who are not trained to assess risks of significant harm! What could possibly go wrong!

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