…and waiting

Getting on for 15 months now. Almost a year after his last attempt, shadow children’s minister Tim Loughton has had another try at getting the government to publish the ICS evaluation that was delivered to them in September 2006:

To ask the Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families, when he plans to publish the report commissioned by his Department on the Integrated Children’s System: An Evaluation of the Practice, Process and Consequences of the ICS in CSSRs; and when his Department received the report.

Ten days later he still hasn’t had a reply. C’mon DCSF, nothing to hide nothing to fear.


One Response to …and waiting

  1. […] In 2004 the government commissioned an evaluation of ICS from academics at York University. Over the next two years the academic team studied four local authorities as they attempted to get ICS up and running. Their report was submitted in September 2006 – and promptly disappeared. In the following 18 months, shadow children’s minister Tim Loughton twice asked when it would be published. […]

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