Children worry about data security


From a report released today by the Children’s Rights Director (the person responsible for all children in public care):

Children and young people are concerned that personal information held on the government’s ContactPoint database could fall into the wrong hands.

Good heavens.

If you don’t know what Contactpoint* is, it’s the children’s version of the National Identity Register with the addition of the names and contact details of every practitioner working with a child. The government has started work on building it, populating it with data from, er, the Child Benefit database (if they’ve still got any left, I guess)

*Not to be confused with the eCAF database, the National Pupil Database, the Integrated Children’s System, the Connexions Customer Information System, YIPMIS, YISPMIS… more about the full, exciting range of children’s databases on our website. If you think yer ‘ard enough, you can tackle the 2006 FIPR report to the Information Commissioner.


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