Shock: children need relationships


For the first time in decades, some education news that can actually be described as exciting. A report due out on Wednesday will recommend that mega-factory schools are broken down into far smaller units:

The policy document from Teach First, the organisation that places top graduates in tough inner-city schools, argues that some schools are so large that some children are falling ‘under the radar’ and failing to build up relationships with the staff. The report, which was shown to Adonis last week, calls for each large school to be broken down into a series of small schools serving about 150 pupils.

It seems so blindingly obvious to anyone who has ever taught in a large comprehensive. It also chimes with some interesting research around school exclusion a few years ago: pupils who were on their ‘last chance’ were each assigned a teacher whose job it was to find the child each day and simply chat to them in a friendly fashion. Behaviour improved remarkably and none of the pupils was excluded. I know it was reported in the TES but have lost the reference. If anyone remembers the details I’d be grateful for them.


3 Responses to Shock: children need relationships

  1. Father’s Love their daughters.

  2. And even though my father is not a European, does not speak German and is not filthy rich or famous, he loves me.

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