More haste, less speed

In their unseemly haste to get the Contactpoint regulations through before anyone noticed, the government appears to have overlooked a few things. the Association of Directors of Children’s Services have spelled them out in a letter to the Contactpoint Project Director (pdf).

Amongst other things:

‘If there is any incidence of system abuse or misuse and a CRB check has shown that the employee did have some convictions, but the employer nevertheless employed or continued to employ the person, the local authority in question will be in the position of having no control over the person having access to ContactPoint.’

Councils also appear to be in the position of not being able to comply with the Data Protection Act:

‘local authorities are being given the task of “Data Controller” under the relevant legislation, without having the necessary ability to control data accuracy, criteria for access, data matching, security and so on.’

It doesn’t exactly bode well: the project is barely off the ground and the problems have started already.


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