New excuse needed

Throughout the school fingerprints saga, the companies that market biometric systems have persisted in saying that a child’s fingerprint cannot be reconstructed from the template stored on, say, a school library system (as if that alone can refute the many other arguments!)

Now it looks as if even that shroud has been blown away. If you’re techie-inclined, take a look at this paper: From Template to Image: Reconstructing Fingerprints from Minutiae Points (pdf)

If even the title makes your brain hurt, here’s the relevant bit from the abstract:

Most fingerprint-based biometric systems store the minutiae template of a user in the database. It has been traditionally
assumed that the minutiae template of a user does not reveal any information about the original fingerprint. In this paper, we challenge this notion and show that three levels of information about the parent fingerprint can be elicited from the minutiae template alone…

HT: Kim Cameron


4 Responses to New excuse needed

  1. Robert Moss says:

    I really think it’s about time the people of Britain woke up to the fact that their country is being overtaken by a bunch of tossers who would see everyone wearing a chip in order to keep track of their whereabouts at all times. With the number of safeguards that used to protect the people against swine like this being overuled by the Fourth Reich via the European Government in Brussels, it won’t be long before we see, in Britain, the same sort of controls that were prevalent in Germany under Hitler.

    The current attempt to overrun the Britain, which is the country of my birth and whose passport I am still in possession of is being pushed upon us by that group of international capitalists belonging to The Bilderberg Group and their ilk. They care not for national boundaries nor for the governmentof the people by the people but wish rather that everyone in the so called free world be subservient to their wishes so that they can establish a world government ruled by multi national business groups. It is the latest attempt by those who are rich and powerful to enslave the masses in order to maximise their profits and control of all that takes place in the world of any importance.

    It’s about time that the people revolted against this elimination of their rights and freedoms, sent the government packing and demanded a referendum on continued membership in the European Community which has mutated far beyond the free trade zone it was originally purported to be into this mega governing body which takes it’s orders from big business.

    Yours sincerely,

    Robert G Moss.

  2. hope says:

    Spot on Robert !

  3. The finger print identification looks ok when a crime has been committed and culprit is beig found in no other case should this be done for identification etc.

  4. jnferree says:

    Would a “hat trick” make you feel more secure (ie) finger, face & voice?

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