And you thought ContactPoint was bad?

The government has delivered an astounding parting shot as it heads off for the long summer holidays. Hard on the heels of the ContactPoint database comes the announcement that eCAF will also be a national database.

If you don’t know what eCAF is, go and read all about it to understand just how serious this is.

It is despicable that the announcement was made in a written ministerial statement the day before recess. The plans were not mentioned in any of the debates on the regulations for ContactPoint last week.

Suddenly ContactPoint looks positively benign. Those 330,000 users will now have access to the full, in-depth assessments of up to 6 million children and their families, all held on an inevitably insecure national database. It simply beggars belief, and knocks on the head any faint hope that the Brown regime might offer relief from spin and deceit.


10 Responses to And you thought ContactPoint was bad?

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  2. Carlotta says:

    Time to emigrate.

  3. archrights says:

    It’s breathtaking isn’t it?

  4. david frog says:

    So if one third of kids are in need of ‘additional services’, where is the budget for financing the needed extra practitioners such as psychologists and social workers ?

    Or are there fully paid stacks of them sitting around doing buggerall ?

  5. archrights says:

    That’s certainly one of the major problems with this, David – services are already chronically under-staffed and struggling to meet the needs they already know about. We set out just some of the facts and figures in our submission to the Merits of SIs Committee here:

  6. simulacram says:

    The worry here is at the local government level and their use of this data, i.e. social services, etc. I say this as some one who works for Local Gov.

    They are useless when it comes to technology at the best of times and the funding just isn’t there and neither is the security. Lots of arrogance and massaging of over inflated ego, but little in the way of doing the right thing by the tax payer.

    They’re trying to get rid of me because I am too much of a ‘trouble maker’ because I dare to challenge the way tax payers money is (miss) used and many more like myself have left in defeat. What hope?

  7. hope says:

    This is just another way to make money out of children by employing another bunch of useless so called professionals to interfer in family life

  8. […] We have been getting a lot of calls from practitioners who want to talk about the eCAF – the in-depth profiling tool for children that is to become another national database. […]

  9. […] It was originally intended that the databases to hold each child’s eCAF assessment would be at local level, but just before recess the government announced that they intended to construct a single, national database. […]

  10. Idetrorce says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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