London NHS merging Health and Social Care Records

Extraordinary news this morning: London NHS has been consulting on the requirements to merge everyone’s health and local authority records into a single system. The closing date for the consultation is today, and it has to be the best-kept secret we’ve ever seen.

Amongst other things, the system is to be compatible with NHS Care Records and ContactPoint. it must allow personal information to be shared and:

“should display details of a person’s family members or carers who may also be receiving services”

It should be capable of:

receiving information from external sources (e.g. Police, Education)


sending information to external sources (e.g. Police, Education)

It should display the latest Patient Record Summary from the GP system and

The referral detail should be able to contain the following, including:
a) Local person demographics (see 5.3)
b) Local service and national IDs
c) Case History
d) Reason for referral
e) Service referred to
f) presenting problem
g) diagnosis
h) free text field

There’s plenty more. The document isn’t available online, but Ideal Government has posted up a complete copy. Read it and weep for your vanishing privacy.


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