Funnily enough…

Since I had to go to a conference in Stoke on Trent on Monday and one of my sons was also running a workshop there, we thought we’d return to London at a leisurely pace, taking in a bit of the Peak District and Lincoln Cathedral on our way.

An eventful 24 hours followed. Both hotels where we were going to stay (in Sheffield and Retford) are currently under water, and I now know that my driving skills extend to driving what seemed like miles along a river. Yesterday, the Southbound M1 looked wonderful (once we finally reached it).

I got home to find that the government is bringing out the regulations to bring ‘ContactPoint’ into being – presumably no coincidence that the Blair/Brown handover happened today.

The Committee on the Merits of Statutory Instruments has issued an urgent call for evidence on the ContactPoint database. Ian has more on this.


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