Silver rings and STIs

On Slate, there’s an interesting review of a new book on the ‘abstinence’ school of sex education in the US, and the potentially dangerous results:

When evangelical parents say they talk to their kids about sex, they mean the morals, not the mechanics. In a quiz on pregnancy and health risks associated with sex, evangelicals scored very low. Evangelical teens don’t accept themselves as people who will have sex until they’ve already had it. As a result, abstinence pledgers are considerably less likely than nonpledgers to use birth control the first time they have sex. “It just sort of happened,” one girl told the researchers, in what could be a motto for this generation of evangelical teens.


2 Responses to Silver rings and STIs

  1. Simon Blake says:

    At Brook ( our research consistently shows that if young people have thought about contraception and talked with a professional before they have sex makes a big difference as to whether or not they use contraception when they have sex. We know many young people are not making real choices about whether to have sex or not – ‘it just happened’. If we want to make a difference to young people’s lives and ensure they can enjoy and take responsibility for the sex they have we really need to help them ensure sex doesn’t just happen, but it is planned so their contraception can be too.

  2. We have to make awareness for the teens before going the sex what are the effects of it and where they are not even ready for the pregnant.

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