Sunday reading

Given that we’re flailing around in a sea of DNA, fingerprints and Gillick competence at the moment (it’s like buses – they all come along at once) it’s just as well that we can lazily redirect you to two good comment pieces in the Sundays. And we’re not saying that only because they both give our recent briefing on children’s DNA retention a mention.

David Davis is in the Independent asking whether Brown will restore the civil liberties that have disappeared under Blair.

Henry Porter has a mighty call to action in the Observer:

What makes our apathy so striking is that even police officers are beginning to speak out about the state we’re creating. Ian Readhead, head of the Association of Chief Police Officers data protection group, warned that we were moving to an ‘Orwellian situation’ with cameras being installed in peaceful villages such as Stockbridge in Hampshire. Mr Readhead, also deputy chief constable of Hampshire, said if the spread of cameras continued, Britain would not be a country he would want to live in.

His comments followed those by the acting chief constable of Suffolk, Colin Langham-Fitt, who criticised the growth of CCTV and the government’s ID card scheme. If these officers are expressing concern, we can safely conclude that it is time for us to show something more than the bovine compliance of the last few years.


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