Steeped in DNA

If we’re a bit quiet at the moment, it’s because we’ve been working hard on children’s DNA retention. Still no figures from the Home Office but, having pulled together all the data we have so far, Genewatch has done some impressive stuff with calculators while we effete, artsy types looked on in humble admiration.

The outcome is this press release:

In a briefing published today based on Home Office figures, GeneWatch UK and Action on Rights for Children calculate that the National DNA Database contains the records of at least 100,000 children and young people who have not committed any criminal offence(1). In the past year alone, more than 80,000 innocent children and young people were arrested in England and Wales and added to the database. (continue reading)

The briefing is here.


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  1. […] good comment pieces in the Sundays. And we’re not saying that only because they both give our recent briefing on children’s DNA retention a […]

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