Because I say so

Just spotted this gem on the back page of this week’s Children Now:

“Public health is a greater priority than freedom of choice” – Birth defects expert Professor Nicholas Wald on the news that the Food Standards Agency may require folic acid to be added to all bread, cake and biscuits.


One Response to Because I say so

  1. Paul says:

    Flouride in the water, vitamin D in the margerine, folic acid in the bread. Am I missing anything out? It’s like being a resident of Monkey World. Otherwise healthy people, eating a balanced diet don’t need supplements the experts tell us. Then they advocate putting supplements in staples. And when my prostate swells to the size of a satsuma they’ll tell me that being old I’ll die soon anyway, but I’ll go to my grave with a great smile. Teaand toast for breakfast anyone?

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