Only £400m

By coincidence it was announced yesterday that:

The official cost of the ID card scheme has risen by £400m to £5.31bn

Hmm. The increase alone is enough to pay for 2,000 extra midwives, health visitors and social workers for each of the next five years. And while we’re on the subject of financial priorities, if the NIR costs £5.31bn, how come the government insists that the children’s ‘ContactPoint’ database will only cost £224m? Just curious, that’s all.


2 Responses to Only £400m

  1. alabastercodify says:

    I had heard that the government had said that to save money there is no longer going to be a stand-alone identity database. Instead, they’ll “bolt it on” to “existing Whitehall databases”. Do you know what this means? Is it true?

  2. archrights says:

    If I remember rightly, they are going to use a combination of 3 existing databases. It might be worth asking over on the No2ID forum because they’ll be more up to speed with it – there’s a link in the sidebar.

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