Nothing to hide etc

The Health Select Committee has been taking evidence on the NHS Care Records Service (See the Big Opt Out for more info). According to the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health:

Regardless of the complexity of information being held on the system, it cannot be in the interests of children and young people for their data to be withheld from the system. Indeed if parents are able to prevent their children’s data from being entered onto the system it is likely that the planned information sharing index supporting the aims of the Government document Every Child Matters cannot be developed. Most parents can see the benefit of health information being shared and it is likely that the most vulnerable children, whose parents desire to disengage from services, would be the ones asking for their children’s data to be withheld.

Not exactly child-centered, given that there’s no consideration of the fact that children themselves may prefer that their records are kept confidential, or that parents may have serious concerns that having permanent health records swilling around in the grand information-sharing jamboree may put children at risk, or disadvantage in later life.

One might also think that, after the tragedies caused by the Meadows and Southall debacles, the RCPCH would be less keen to brand parents as potential child-abusers. Apparently not.

Thanks to Ian at Blogzilla for the tip-off.


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