Oh, whoops

IT safe in their hands?

The Department of Health has apologised after a security lapse on the junior doctors recruitment website enabled confidential information on thousands of applicants, including their sexual orientation and previous convictions, to be accessed by the public yesterday…

From at least 9am yesterday, many forms of personal information, including doctors’ addresses, home phone numbers and religion, were available for eight hours on the NHS medical training website

We see that Not Saussure has plenty more on this story.

Update: This story gets worse. From Dr Crippen:

Any applicant can see ANY correspondence sent by another candidate or from MTAS (Medical Training Application Service) to another candidate by just going to his inbox and changing the message number displayed in the url

As Mr Eugenides (from whence the above link came) says:

Remember that these people want to record your personal details on a massive database. Not someone else’s: yours.

Do you trust them to do so? And if so, why?

That’s not quite accurate. They’re going to record details on two massive databases. Don’t forget the junior NIR, formerly known as the Information Sharing Index, now re-branded ‘ContactPoint’.


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