Still stuck on the roundabout

Read this one first.

And then this:

Figures obtained from the Department for Education and Skills (DfES) under the Freedom of Information Act show more than 1,000 children are permanently expelled from primary schools every year.

This includes 60 under-fives, with the number of very young child expelled from school tripling in recent years.

DfES figures show 43,720 primary-age children were given fixed-term exclusions in 2004-05, an increase of 2,420 since 2003-04. Boys were far more likely to be suspended, with 42,140 temporarily excluded compared to 4,200 girls.

And here we go again:

A DfES spokesperson said: “Clearly it is better to prevent bad behaviour from happening in the first place”…parents have a “vital role to play” in insuring (sic) children learn acceptable standards of behaviour for school.

87% of primary exclusions are of children with Special Educational Needs. The SEN system is not fit for purpose…

… what is it that is so bl**dy difficult to understand? The government is keen enough to give children the ‘rights and responsibilities’ spiel. Perhaps it would like to demonstrate some responsibility for the appalling failures of the SEN system.


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